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“I can see the green, Mom. You’re not fooling anybody.”

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Its harder to control what your kids eat when they have money and a car. 😕 They can just go out and eat. Some of them haven’t come over to their perceived dark side yet.

However, at home we eat healthy. I cook using better ingredients. Most of my cooking is gluten-free and dairy-free. I also cut back on the sugar. The dog is also gluten-free. He’s an itchy little guy. 😦DSC00570

I do make exceptions for cheat days like birthdays and holidays. We still stick with the GF/CF but it is “less healthy”.

The posted recipes are a combination of my own recipes and recipes I’ve gleaned from my favorite sites. Some remain the same and some I modified. I will provide a link to the original recipes from other sites. I will try to post the recipes most of my family gives a thumbs up to -including the resistance.

Hopefully, your family will enjoy some of these as well. If you enjoy a recipe add a comment for others who may be considering making it. I know when I pull a recipe off the internet I always check the comments first.