Is Collagen Powder Useful?

There are many supplements out there promoting the use of collagen, either with bone broth or collagen powder. I’ve been asked by several people to explain what collagen is exactly. Should they take it? Is it a waste of money? Why should they take it? Well I wasn’t totally sure Continue reading “Is Collagen Powder Useful?”

Product Review: Otto’s Naturals Cassava Flour


Cassava flour is made from the yuca root. Unlike tapioca starch which is starch taken from the root, cassava is the whole root.

The yuca roots are peeled, dried and ground into flour. Continue reading “Product Review: Otto’s Naturals Cassava Flour”

Who Benefits From Probiotics and How to Optimize Their Use.

The word probiotic comes from the Greek, meaning “promoting” (pro) and “life” (biotic). This is a newer field of research that is expanding. We are still learning about the benefits and limitations of probiotics. Continue reading “Who Benefits From Probiotics and How to Optimize Their Use.”