Do You See Yourself Here?

Here is a partial listing of conditions that can be linked directly or indirectly to Celiac disease and/or gluten sensitivity. Gluten not only directly damages various parts of the body, it also causes nutritional deficiencies that adversely effect the whole body. So while these symptoms seem completely unrelated, they can be traced to a deficiency and the deficiency can be traced to gluten. It can also cause inflammation throughout the body.

It is possible that when removing gluten many times symptoms can be halted, improved or even reversed. Isn’t nutrition amazing? We are “fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalms 139:14.

According to Dr. Alessio Fasano, director of the Celiac Research Center in Boston, people who are sensitive to gluten can have symptoms anywhere in the body, because tiny pieces of gluten leak out of the intestine, enter the blood stream and travel throughout the body. This is referred to as intestinal permeability.

If you are gluten sensitive your body will create antibodies to attack the gluten moving through your body. Unfortunately, it can mistake other parts of you for gluten and attack that as well, such as your thyroid.


Now that’s NOT saying that gluten is the cause of all these things. It’s saying that it is one possible cause. It has been shown to be the cause or contributor for some people. If you are suffering from the same conditions, wouldn’t that make it worth checking out?  After all, it is an easy fix without scary side effects. (Did you ever read all the side effects that are possible with your prescription medications?)

It could even improve more than one problem. We eliminated gluten in an attempt to correct one problem and to our surprise, actually corrected a different problem as well.

But you have to do it correctly. Lots of people don’t and then say it didn’t work. It might have, if you did it right.

Below is a partial list of conditions that have been associated with gluten reactions.

If you have some of these you may want to consider trying a gluten free diet for a time. It must be 100% though. Mostly gluten free doesn’t work.

If you are considering testing, it must be before you remove gluten. Otherwise, you are just wasting your money.



Vitamin or mineral deficiencies


Easy Bruising


Coronary Artery Disease


Abdominal Pain

Canker sores

Chronic constipation/diarrhea

Defective Tooth Enamel




Leaky Gut

Lactose intolerance



Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis


Allergic Rhinitis

Autoimmune Conditions





Chicken skin (arms or legs)


Anxiety/Panic attacks





Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Learning Disorders

Failure to Thrive



Thinking problems

For a complete symptom guide, click here



Libonati, Cleo RN, BSN. Recognizing Celiac Disease.

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