Vote: What Is Your Favorite Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread?

Gluten-free bread can be hard to swallow, quite literally.  When someone is considering a gluten-free lifestyle, bread is often the deal breaker. I have heard so many people say, “My doctor (or someone) said I should cut out gluten, but I just can’t give up bread.” or “I am gluten-free, except I occasionally have bread.” 🙄 (just a note- your not actually gluten free then)

Something as simple as a piece of bread can be standing between them and potential better health.

If you are gluten-free, consider sharing your favorite bread brands for those who are making the switch for health or other reasons.  For someone, it could make the difference between giving up and being successful with this dietary lifestyle.

I always suggest toasting any bread. To me, gluten-free bread always tastes better toasted.

Vote using the poll below. You can also write in any brand that isn’t listed. If you would like to be more specific you can use the comment section below.

Select all that apply.


5 thoughts on “Vote: What Is Your Favorite Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread?

  1. I don’t eat much bread, but I have tried the Canyon House once, (only the 7 grain variety). I thought it tasted fine for gluten free bread. It didn’t have as gritty a texture as some breads have, but still had a little. Flavor was good. My husband had it, he said “Tastes like bread.” He’s not super picky.


  2. A bit of shameless self promotion. I can’t buy pre-made breads due to way too many intolerances, but over the years I’ve gotten used to baking my own. I use a Buckwheat and Flax version, found here:, as I find it solid and still light enough for spreading and filling, it can be doubled for large slices too. It’s also handy in that it covers a lot of other diets as well as GF.

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  3. Excellent! Nice to meet you. I’ll have to check out some of your recipes. I make quinoa flour bread, also a keto bread recipe I found online. I like them both. I am dairy and gluten free and also avoid soy as much as possible.

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