Oh, My Aching Back (pt 2): The Adventure Continues

“The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Matthew 26:41

One month update.

As I sit down today to give an update to my initial post, I have been in physical therapy for one month. From the responses I received after that post, I can tell many of you have your own back pain issues. So I’m going to continue to share my experience, maybe it will help someone else.

Overall, for the most part, my back has been improving.

I am doing exercises and stretches in bed before I get up. This seems to help with the morning stiffness.

When my back first started hurting about two years ago, I started stretching. Touching my toes, putting one leg on the couch arm and leaning to touch my toes, stretching side to side… all in an effort to relieve my back pain.


Well, little did I know that it was my front that I should have been stretching. Specifically – my hip flexors. I never would have guessed that on my own. The muscles in the front are causing my back trouble.

If you recall from my initial post, my pain is coming from my vertabrae rubbing/touching together, caused by an over arching of the spine near the bottom. The hip flexors come from the front around to the back and the tightness/shortening is pulling down on the spine… I think. That’s how I understand it.

IMG_2040My therapy includes exercises and stretches to loosen up the hip flexors (which doesn’t seem to be an easy task) Also, I am doing exercises to tighten up the abdominals and the glutes, which work against the hip flexors.  These two things working together should pull my spine into a better place.

I avoid arching my back (like when blow drying your hair or having to bend back when getting a hug from your spouse) which is very painful. I also practice standing and walking with my abs and butt pulled in so my spine is straighter, reducing the pain. I also try to remember to lift my abdomen when I walk. It does feel awkward walking like that.

It seemed to be working. I was feeling better.

Ack. 😩

But now for some unknown reason the last few days have been much worse. Every movement is painful in my hips, legs and back. I am discouraged. I went in for therapy and they were great. I only did the exercises I was able to and they stretched me for almost double the amount of time. Although they weren’t sure why the set back occurred, other than, “Sometimes these things happen”.

I am hoping tomorrow is a better day, and the improvement continues.  Don’t mock me my friends (you know who you are…),

I WILL beat this…  😉  I have all my little students praying for me, what more could I ask for?

So, my take away is this – if your back is hurting, consider your front.




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