April’s Garden

I guess I can’t call it winter gardening anymore. April has been a busy month in zone 6. Things are finally starting to warm up and there was a leap in growth.

Garden clean up from the winter is always a big chore. A necessary evil. Lots of progress has been made though. All the beds have been weeded and amendments have been added, for the flower beds as well as the vegetable garden.



The blueberries are blooming. But where are the pollinators? Not here. Unfortunately that will cause many berries to be lost. All the blueberry bushes are in large containers.




I added three raspberry plants. Two red and one gold. I’ve been praying for this little guy. I searched high and low for this Taylor variety because I heard it is so tasty. It’s been a month and he pretty much looks dead. But a sign of life, a tiny little leaf at the bottom. I think I can. I think I can. You go, Taylor!

The raspberries are in containers as well, I read they can spread and be quite invasive.





I cut and cured the potatoes. I planted them two ways, in the soil and here in my 2 potato towers. The pot next to it also has potatoes in it. Hoping they do well.

The marigolds will go around certain plants. I heard they keep beetles and such away with the confusing smell.

DSC_2266 (1)


The tomatoes have been planted, however since it is still cool they will stay in the cold frame for protection, as well as the squash. I will put some tomatoes in containers because of space.




Herbs have been planted near plants they  will benefit.

DSC_2270 (1)

Strawberries are beginning to have little fruits. Lots of blooms. Have to watch out for frost.




Bok choy is doing very well. I’ve been having that in salads and stir fry.







Lettuce and spinach have been very tasty. Several varieties are doing very well. As well as the Swiss chard. Some of the lettuce is in containers.




Snow peas are taking off, no flowers yet though.






I have several baby broccolis. Very excited about that. The Brussels sprouts are also doing very well so far. Those are also a first time crop for me.


The radishes continue to grow. The French breakfast variety are growing faster than the others. I have been munching on those as well. They didn’t grow as fast as I thought though. I think the cold slowed them down. Some where grown in containers. Did you know radishes are very good roasted?

As the cool weather crops finish for the season, I will replace them with the butternut squash, melons, eggplant and zucchini for the warm months.

A special shout out to my husband and son who have been going to the store with me to buy manure and soil and lugging it around and helping me with tasks I am unable to do. 💕 I know it’s not what they prefer to be doing. Hopefully next summer I will be able to do those things again on my own.

I am pleased with how the winter experiment went and look forward to seeing how long into the fall/winter I can keep crops growing.

Have you begun planting yet?

What will you be growing?

Will you try anything new?

” You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.”  Deuteronomy 6:5



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