Eating Healthy Costs Too Much

Often when someone hears how I eat they counter with, “I can’t afford to eat healthy, it costs too much.” Actually, eating healthy CAN be more expensive. If you plan wisely, it will probably only cost a little more. It will cost you a bit more money and time.

On the flip side however, that doesn’t mean eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) doesn’t have a cost. I believe it costs more to be sick than to eat healthy.

Chronic or repeated illnesses have

  • a financial cost
  • a physical cost
  • an emotional cost
  • a social cost
  • a psychological cost
  • It can cost your quality of life
  • It can cost your job
  • There can be a cost to your family
  • It can cost you time
  • It can cost your recreation
  • It can cost your sleep
  • It can cost your life

According to the CDC most chronic diseases can be prevented through lifestyle.

  1. Regular exercise
  2. Eating healthy
  3. Not smoking
  4. Eliminating excessive alcohol

I think eating healthy is starting to look like a bargain….




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