Product Review: Simply Soupreme

Simply Soupreme soups are ready-made soups using only ingredients you would find at home. 

It is locally manufactured in northern NJ using local ingredients.


Their mission is

“To produce the highest quality and freshest soup on the market that enables people to live full lives for all nutritional lifestyles.”


All natural ingredients. Nothing artificial added. Just ingredients you would use at home if you made it yourself.

  • “Water, Zucchini squash, Clover, Honey, Pine nuts, Lemon juice, Extra Virgin avocado oil, Basil, Celtic salt, Garlic, Black pepper & Rosemary”


Drink it hot or cold. I tried it both ways. Cold is definitely the way to go. As a cold soup, it is very refreshing.




Never heat pasteurized. Simply Soupreme uses cold pressure (cold pasteurization) to preserve color, flavor and nutrients. You don’t have the added heat of conventional pasteurization destroying vital nutrients.




  • Cucumber Mint
  • Basil Zucchini
  • Mushroom Thyme
  • Lemongrass Miso
  • Tomato Basil
  • Carrot Ginger
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Butternut Apple
  • Beet Thyme



As you can see, there are many flavors to suit what your taste buds enjoy.  I only tried a couple of flavors, but of the flavors I tried, Carrot Ginger was my favorite.

Cost: $8 per bottle


  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • No additives
  • No fillers
  • Only good ingredients
  • Cold pressure pasteurization
  • Flavorful



  • Added sugar- in the form of honey and fruit juice. At least these are “better” sources of sugar.
  • Some varieties are low in sugar with only 3 grams. However, others are higher in sugar with up to 16 grams.  If you are watching your sugar intake check the labels and make sure you are staying within your daily amounts.
  • The bottle doesn’t list soy (in the form of liquid aminos) in an allergens statement. I asked about this and they replied that they are going to update their packaging. So until that happens, read the ingredients carefully if you are sensitive to soy. It’s only in a few varieties and in a non-GMO form.



Where can you buy Simply Soupreme?


Farmer’s Markets

  • Red Bank Farmer’s Market
  • Asbury Farmer’s Market
  • Hoboken Farmer’s Market
  • Edgewater Farmer’s Market
  • The Souk (Piermont, NY)



  • Greenlife Market- Various locations in NJ
  • Sickles Market- NJ
  • Westerly Natural Market- NY
  • Healthfair Natural Food Market-NJ
  • Dean’s Natural Food Market- NJ


If you can’t find it in stores, you can buy it online and have it delivered to you.

Free shipping in NJ, NY, and CT!   I love free shipping. 📦❤️


For more information check their website Simply Soupreme.

Have you had these soups? What’s your favorite flavor?


**I received a complimentary sample to taste in order to write this review. However, this in no way influenced my opinion. I strive to give an honest opinion and accurate information.  All information was accurate at the time of publishing.

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