Product Review: Ronzoni Gluten-Free

Finding a good gluten free noodle is difficult.  The texture is a little off. Most, I have found, tend to break apart. Forget about reheating. It is just a mushy mess.




I learned about Ronzoni Gluten-Free at the GFAF expo this past fall. So I thought I’d give them a try.

It was free. What do I have to lose?




We tried the spaghetti noodles for dinner. My husband and son were tasters. Their review was– “Tastes just like noodles.”

We’ll I don’t think you can give a better review than that.


“Tastes just like noodles.”

– my men



These noodles are made from 4 grains:

  • white rice
  • brown rice
  • corn
  • quinoa

Many others are made only from 1 grain, usually rice or corn.



I have found Ronzoni Gluten-Free online and in some stores like Shoprite, Stop and Shop, Target and Walmart. Not Wegmans.


  • great texture
  • tastes like noodles
  • does not fall apart
  • great flavor
  • reheats nicely
  • not crazy expensive
  • dedicated gluten-free facility
  • whole grain
  • multigrain


  • no lasagna noodles yet
  • Just as many calories and carbs as regular noodles
  • ingredients are not organic or non-GMO
  • contains mono and di-glycerides


For more information go to  Ronzoni Gluten-Free Website

*Title photo from Ronzoni website



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