Product Review: Swerve Sweetener -granular and confectioners


Who needs sugar when you’ve got Swerve?

Swerve Sweeteners is a no calorie sugar replacement. It’s been around for a while, I’ve used it often, for many things. Use it in place of sugar 1:1. It is very versatile. I use it for cookies, cakes, muffins, beverages and more. I even used it in homemade non-dairy ice cream. It came out delicious. I also use the confectioners in my non-dairy cannoli filling.

Use it anyway you use sugar.




Swerve is made with erythritol, which is a sugar alcohol. This is not the same as an artificial sweetener. Sugar alcohols occur naturally in plants. Other sugar alcohols are xylitol, sorbitol, maltitol and others. Sugar alcohols are a type of carbohydrate and contain no alcohol. They are made by fermenting the sugar found in corn. But it is non-GMO corn.




Is it an artificial sweetener? No, but it is a processed product.  It is made from

  1. glucose fermented with yeast creating Erythritol
  2. enzymes added to root vegetable creating oligosaccharides
  3. flavor from citrus.


It tastes great. There is no weird after taste.

It has no calories and is considered 0 carbs even though it has some carbs, which I don’t fully understand. They say it is because it doesn’t effect your blood sugar and has minimal impact on your insulin, unlike regular carbs. Some artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols still affect your blood sugar even though they don’t have calories.

It also doesn’t cause stomach upset the way some other sugar alcohols can.





  • granular
  • confectioners
  • brown sugar

I use both the granular and confectioners. I just received a brown sugar sample and will let you know how it is after I use it.





erythritol, oligosaccharides and natural flavors (from citrus)



  • use 1:1 like sugar
  • zero calories
  • low carb – some carbs, but considered zero carb because it doesn’t impact blood sugar
  • not toxic to dogs
  • doesn’t promote cavities
  • no laxative effect or tummy distress
  • doesn’t require insulin so it doesn’t raise blood sugar
  • cooling effect
  • tastes great
  • works well in a variety of products
  • non-GMO
  • no aftertaste
  • will brown and caramelize
  • no artificial ingredients or preservatives
  • kosher



  • not cheap
  • may reform crystals  in cold recipes
  • cooling effect on tongue, you may not like this, I don’t notice it anymore.
  • processed product


Tip:  When I run out of confectioners Swerve, I just put the granular in my grinder and make some.


New products:

Swerve recently came out with brown Swerve as well as cake, cookie and pancake mixes.

It will be testing the brown Swerve shorty and will let you know how it does.


Where to Purchase:

  • Online
  • Wegmans
  • Stop and Shop
  • Shoprite
  • Acme
  • Whole Foods
  • Foodtown
  • Giant
  • and other stores


For a complete store list and more information, check the Swerve website.

Have you tried Swerve? What did you think?


**I strive to give an honest opinion and accurate information.  All information was accurate at the time of publishing.


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