Does Sleep Really Matter?

“It is useless to get up early and stay up late in order to earn a living. God takes care of his own, even while they sleep.” Psalm 127:2

Sleep is truly an amazing thing. I had no idea so much went on while our head was on the pillow. Again I find myself sitting here thinking, “Holy cow.”  I can’t help but wonder how someone can say we are not intelligently designed.

Healthy adequate sleep is essential to good health. We need Continue reading “Does Sleep Really Matter?”

Phytonutrients. A Rainbow of Foods.

“I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.”  Genesis 9:13

Phytochemicals are plant foods that contain natural chemicals that help protect the plant. They also help us prevent disease and keep our bodies working properly. There are more that 10,000 known phytonutrients. Continue reading “Phytonutrients. A Rainbow of Foods.”

Food Additives


Roughly 70% of the American diet is processed foods. Used in these processed foods are more than 3000 chemical additives that are intentionally added. Continue reading “Food Additives”

Processed Soy Products. What Does Your Common Sense Tell YOU?

“The works of HIS hands are faithful and just;
all HIS precepts are trustworthy.” Psalms 111:7

Whether or not soy is healthy for us is debatable. The processing of soy is an interesting procedure. The soy companies say it is quite safe. Common sense tells me otherwise…. Continue reading “Processed Soy Products. What Does Your Common Sense Tell YOU?”

Mediterranean Lifestyle: What’s It All About?

“One of the healthiest diets scientists have been ever been able to identify.” Subjects have the least disease and live the longest. Continue reading “Mediterranean Lifestyle: What’s It All About?”

Eliminated Trans Fat From Your Family’s Diet? Think Again.

What are Trans Fats

Trans fats, also known as trans fatty acids, are added to many foods. There are two types of trans fatty acids. Continue reading “Eliminated Trans Fat From Your Family’s Diet? Think Again.”

My First Year: How Can I Be More Relevant To You?

I am approaching my one year anniversary of the inception of Peppers and Planks. I can’t believe it’s been a year since my first post. 😊 Continue reading “My First Year: How Can I Be More Relevant To You?”

Who Benefits From Probiotics and How to Optimize Their Use.

The word probiotic comes from the Greek, meaning “promoting” (pro) and “life” (biotic). This is a newer field of research that is expanding. We are still learning about the benefits and limitations of probiotics. Continue reading “Who Benefits From Probiotics and How to Optimize Their Use.”

Arthritis Herbs and Supplements

In my previous arthritis post, I mentioned strategies like losing weight, drinking water to keep joints hydrated, an anti-inflammatory diet and exercise. Let’s look at some herbs and supplements that hold promise in reducing the pain and/or inflammation of arthritis. Continue reading “Arthritis Herbs and Supplements”

Weight Control Tips That Work For Me

While this is not a blog about weight loss, I would like to touch on it. Weight loss can help improve many health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, sleep apnea, fatigue, high blood pressure, etc.

It’s not that easy though, right? I was a yo-yo dieter for years. And once you lose it, it appears again – worse than before. From being chubby as a teen, to being anorexic in college, to gaining 62 pounds with my first pregnancy. It was a constant back and forth for decades. A never ending battle. Continue reading “Weight Control Tips That Work For Me”